Mechanical combination locks

HAKNER brand mechanical combination locks are a simple and modern solution.  They combine high quality and minimalist design resulting in an aesthetic view with any furniture and space.

Many people appreciate their privacy. There’s a reason why they use passwords to get access to electronic devices such as computers and mobiles, to make sure that no one else can read their messages, see pictures or other files.


So why not protect our important documents or other items we have physically? Obviously, we don’t have to invest in special safes or armored cabinets right away since it’s a serious cost and secondly, we need to find additional space in our apartment or office. For this reason, there are other forms of securing things important to us or even rooms simply by special code locks that you can find in our catalog.

Mechanical combination locks

In order to provide you with a sense of security, a furniture combination lock is available in our store. It is designed to fit any type of a cabinet regardless of whether it already has other lock or drilling a new hole will be necessary. Furniture combination lock is opened with a special code. The code, in most cases is set by a user during installation. Obviously, you can also choose the option of a combination lock with a key. Then, after entering the code, you still have to turn the key to open the lock.

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